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Fire starts are unlikely. Although fires may occur, weather and vegetation conditions will lead to less intense, slower spreading fires. Fires are not likely to become serious and should be easily controlled.

Check the FAQs below for Burn Permit Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a burn permit?

The Open Air Burning Permit is not required for: [1] Burning in a barrel with a mesh screen, no larger than 0.5 inches; [2] Burning in a recreational outdoor wood burning device.

What can I burn?

Please view the 'Materials Prohibited from Burning in a Fire' List in the application process. Upon receiving your permit, there will be a form attached that you can view.

What are the Burning Regulations?

Before proceeding with your burning activity, please review the Town's Open-Air Burning Regulations. To view the regulations, select the Bylaw link in the top right corner of the homepage.

Can permits be issued for outside of Conception Bay South?

No. Permits issued on this website are valid for the Conception Bay South area only. If you require a permit for another municipality you must contact the appropriate fire department or town in that area.

Do I need a fireworks permit?

Yes! The only exception is no permit is required for Canada Day and New Years Eve. Any other day during the year will require a permit.

Do I need a permit from Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture during Forest Fire Season?

YES! Forest Fire Season is May 1- September 30 each year and a secondary permit from Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture is required. This permit is in addition to the one you obtain from the CBS Fire Dept. Call Forestry at 729-4180 for more information.

I need to clear land for future development, what do I need?

Prior to residents requesting a burn permit from the Fire Department that is in conjunction with other developments, such as clearing land or building structures, the appropriate permits for those developments must be in place with the Town of Conception Bay South Planning and Development Department. For additional information please contact the department directly by calling 834-6500 ext. 401 or emailing: planning@conceptionbaysouth.ca .